Please help me get this story told

In today’s topsy-turvy book publishing industry it does not matter that you have written the most compelling, forceful, soaring, and moving novel or memoir with sharply etched characters, displaying deep wisdom of the nature of human beings. No publisher will look at you unless you have a successful social media presence, what they call a “platform”, with a soaring number of followers.

I can do that but only with your support. Here is how:

  • It is all about comments that readers (you!) make in response to my blogs and in response to other people’s comments about the blogs …….
  • So, if you like the subject of with nothing but our lives and what my web site represents, please help the cause by making a comment about the web site and/or the book by scrolling to the bottom past the previous Comments and using the Leave a comment feature – I have created it for this very purpose.
  • Please leave comments about other blogs as well. Do you like the subject? Do you agree with it? Do you disagree with it? Would you like me the cover it more in depth? Do you agree with an earlier comment? Please use the Leave a comment feature below the Blog.

Let me put your mind at ease if you are concerned that the information you provide
will become public:

Only the name you enter will be shown on the web site – the rest of your information
will remain safe with me.

Thank you for your help in getting this story told.

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