WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) are subatomic particles making up Dark Matter

“WIMPs” stands for weakly interacting massive particles. This comes from physicists speaking about clouds of subatomic particles left over from the Big Bang that could pass through the Earth like smoke through a screen door, as described in an article of Dennis Overbye in the New York Times about tests to produce evidence of these particles being conducted a mile down in a former Homestake Gold Mine in S.D. (1)

This definition of WIMPs immediately shifted my focus from physics to the US Congress, which has been much on my mind lately. I like WIMPs as an allegorical description of the behavior of our politicians as massive particles that interact weakly and leave no trace on this Earth.

Like the scientists conducting this latest dark matter experiment, I am hoping to see evidence of the interaction of our very own massive particles in Congress before too long. Patiently hoping.

(1) Dennis Overby, New York Times October 30, 2013
“Dark Matter Experiment Has Detected Nothing, Researchers Say Proudly”

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